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Honeymooning at a B & B, Cabin or Cottage in Eureka Springs

Youíve planned the perfect Arkansas wedding. Every detail is perfect, from the lace on your gown to each petal of your flowers. Itís been a lot of work, but itís been worth it.


Now itís time for your honeymoon, and all you want to do is relax and not worry about any more details. But you also want to have a perfect vacation with your new husband where everything is romantic and carefully planned. Wouldnít it be great to find someone to take care of all the honeymoon details? Someone who would work discreetly in the background to make sure everything is in place for you to have a great time? A Eureka Springs bed and breakfast honeymoon may be just what you need.


Staying at a bed and breakfast inn, also known as a ďB&B, is definitely not like staying in a hotel. And unless you have stayed at a B&B establishment before, you might be surprised at what the experience is really like. B&Bs are usually private homes run as businesses, offering rooms and a morning meal to overnight guests. As varied and unique as the innkeepers that operate them, a B&B may be elegant, rustic or quaint. It may have one or two rooms or as many as a dozen. The innkeepers may live in private quarters in the home, or they may live a short distance away.


What the Eureka Springs  B&Bs provide is an intimate, private setting and a lot of personal attention to your comfort. In fact, innkeepers are usually obsessed with the comfort of their guests. For those who have never stayed in a B&B, the idea of this much personal attention might be uncomfortable. They might imagine forced conversations with other guests or a lack of privacy. A lot of people also think, ďIíve never stayed in a B&B before. What do I do? But thatís the point ,everything is all ready done for you. You donít need to know anything special before coming to a B&B .just how to enjoy yourself. And, Innkeepers are happy to oblige if you want a lot of peace and quiet. You may see the innkeepers only at check-in and checkout, if thatís what you want. Your B&B experience can be as personal as you want it to be.


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According to the owners of the Angel at Rose Hall  a 4-Diamond Victorian Mansion in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, that kind of quiet is just what the doctor ordered. ďIf my guests are looking for any one thing during their stay here, itís peace, she says. ďThatís what so many people need today: a little pampering. Even if it is only for a few days; Honeymoon couples often find themselves in need of this kind of attention. Thatís why so many couples chose a Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast  for their honeymoon stay after  the stress of a wedding.


"If you're looking for privacy and real quality time to truly enjoy each other far from the maddening crowd of the wedding reception and without the interruption of maids and bellboys, a B&B offers just that."   "When guests check in, hopefully, we've thought of all their needs before they even arrive.  If they have some special need we've missed, we let them know we are here for them and all they have to do is ask and our staff will take care of it."  The Arkansas Democrat Gazette in a recent article said that Eureka Springs "gives couples a chance to reconnect with each other...from fueling the fiery romance of the newly-married to reviving the romance in enduring relationships."   "That's the beauty of a B&B have time to relax and enjoy each other, whether you've just been married or are celebrating 50 years!"

Whether getting tips from the innkeepers about restaurants to visit or listening to the fascinating tales of other guests, B&B travelers usually arenít just getting a place to stay; they are getting a whole experience. The B&B experience is all about the details. Unlike a chain hotel, a B&B innkeeper is expecting you and is focused on giving you an incredible stay. That can only mean one thing for a B&B guest: you will be pampered ?from fresh flowers to warm cookies waiting in your room. B&Bs almost always offer service with a capital ďS.?


The luxurious setting may make it difficult to remember, but the staff at a B&B is usually very small. The smiling face serving you breakfast will probably be the same person who will clean your room later. Because staff is often limited, itís good to keep this in mind when making special requests. For example, this probably isnít the time to expect the kitchen to operate with a short-order cook. Innkeepers are usually happy to work with you to accommodate dietary restrictions or special needs, but donít over-burden your host and hostess with a lot of unusual requests.


You probably wonít need to make any requests because the innkeeper will have all ready created the perfect setting for you. B&B rooms are known for their luxurious decor and attention to detail and comfort. Most innkeepers pull out all the stops. It isnít unusual to find lavish details, fine furniture, and lots of plump pillows and soft bedding. Baths usually offer plush towels, therapeutic jets and designer soaps or bubble baths


As the term ďbed and breakfast suggests, the luxury doesnít stop with the sleeping accommodations. Breakfasts at B&Bs are events to remember. Whether a home-cooked meal of traditional comfort foods or a three-course gourmet feast prepared by a professional chef, innkeepers pride themselves on getting their guests off to a wonderful start in the morning.


ďBreakfast is almost a lost art, explains Latimer. ďItís a special treat for most people to start their day by taking the time to talk with each other and share good food. Some B&Bs offer breakfast delivered to your room; others will have dining room hours or a formal sit-down meal. No matter what the schedule, B&Bs specialize in attentive friendly service. With this attention and care for their guests, itís not unusual for friendships to form.


All in all, a B&B is the perfect choice for a honeymoon couple ?or any couple looking to get away. Youíll find a private, intimate setting with plenty of romantic details, and your innkeeper will be attending to your every need. What better way to make your honeymoon every bit as perfect as your Eureka Springs wedding?


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We offer three suites with private entrances, electric fireplaces, WIFI, cable TV, VCR and free movies. Our climate controlled suites come with kitchenettes include microwave, coffee maker, and a refrigerator stocked with beverages and snacks. Plush robes, wireless internet, hairdryers and alarm clocks are provided in each suite. For your enjoyment and relaxation, we also have a romantic outdoor hot tub.




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