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Looking for a limo? How about a horse drawn carriage ride? There are lots of ways to get around Eureka Springs.

Things to do...places to go ...people to see!

You'll also find links to the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce and local newspapers.

Visit our

Angel of Romance

for tips and advice on keeping the romance alive!


Find delicious recipes from the locals in Eureka Springs!

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Angel of Romance

He said yes...what a magical, romantic moment!

Whether you're already married or you're in the process of planning your wedding,

don't let that romantic feeling slip away amidst the hectic wedding planning or day-to-day

routines. Take some advice from our Angel of Romance and keep the romance alive!


Romantic Tips

  • Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a quaint cottage, cabin, Bed & Breakfast or luxurious hotel. Have your room prepared with candles, wine, music and flowers.

  • Take a day off of work and go on a picnic. Pack a basket with fruits, cheese, crackers, chocolates, wine and other goodies. Don't forget to take a blanket! Take a long walk afterwards.

  • Take a scenic drive and listen to your favorite romantic music. Take a picnic lunch or eat at a romantic restaurant.

  • Take a blanket and find a spot to watch the sunset together.

  • Give them a massage but not at a spa. Learn some basic massage techniques and use a romantic scented massage oil. They'll never notice that your not an experienced masseuse!

  • Here's an especially good one for the guys. This can be done at home or at a romantic lodging facility. Start with a trail of rose petals that lead to a table with a box of chocolates with a note attached..."Just because you're so sweet!" Continue the trail to a beautifully wrapped gift box of lingerie. From there, lead the trail to either the bedroom or a hot tub where candles, champagne, a card and flowers await. Tip: Let her start the trail and you follow about 30 minutes later.

  • Plan an evening of romantic dancing and dining.

  • Send them on a scavenger hunt. You can get as creative as you like with this but here are some tips to get you started. Begin with a note delivered to work telling them to be someplace at a certain time. Have a clue, or gift, at each location along with another note. End the scavenger hunt with you waiting for them.

  • Fix a candlelight dinner at home and cuddle up to watch a romantic movie together.

Romance Advice

  • Tell your mate you love them...everyday...for the rest of your matter what.

  • Don't be afraid to say I'm sorry.

  • Complain less. Compliment more.

  • Pick your fights. Is this one really worth fighting about?

  • Give lots of hugs and kisses!

  • No matter how busy you are, take time for each other.

  • Talk to each other. Listen to each other.

Gift Ideas


In addition to the standard gifts of flowers, jewelry and chocolates, here's a few more gift ideas to keep you on the road to romance!

  • Make a coupon book that your loved one can use when they need a little extra attention. Include coupons for a back rub, massage, bubble bath, candlelight dinner, etc.

  • Have a professional videographer create a video photo montage of your favorite photos together. Set the video to your favorite song.

  • Schedule his and her spa massages

  • Buy a beautifully decorated hat box, or other type of box, and give it to them empty with a note attached..."So we can fill it with memories".

  • Make a "Love Scrapbook". Fill it with your favorite photos, cute cartoons, your favorite sayings, pieces of your old cards to each other, etc. Add to it year after year.

  • Fill a basket with candles, massage oils, bath salts and lotions.

  • If your mate likes to cook, buy a romantic cookbook with recipes for two.

Eureka Springs Business Spotlight     t

Featured Link

 Hidden Springs

Dove Cottage


The Cottage is nestled

in a serene wooded area in the

historic district of

 Eureka Springs. We are only 2

blocks from downtown where you

can find galleries, shopping,

massages and fine dining. 

  Our goal is to pamper you, and

create fairy   

tale memories to last a lifetime. 


Our Jacuzzi suites will evoke

 memories to last a lifetime.  Our

cottage has private entrances,

Jacuzzi tub,

kitchenettes, plush robes, a full gourmet breakfast each morning

 which we deliver to your door.


Arrive as a guest....leave as a




Eureka Springs Dove Cottage

23 Hillside

Eureka Springs, AR









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